Twitter: @Seygnovert

LinkedIn: Raphael Seygnovert
Facebook: Raphael Seygnovert
Instagram: Raphael Seygnovert


Si mon travail vous intéresse, si vous désirez recevoir des invitations lors de mes futures expositions ou acquérir une œuvre, vous pouvez me laisser vos coordonnées. Possibilité d’acheter mes oeuvres via internet. Réalisation d’oeuvres sur commande.
Je vends également des impressions de mes œuvres sur  Je suis ouvert à tous projets et à toutes propositions, n’hésitez pas à me contacter!


If my work interests you , if you wish to receive invitations in my future  exhibitions, or acquire a work , you can leave me your details. Possibility to buy my work via internet. Execution of works on command.
I sell also prints of my works on I am open to all projects and all proposals , do not hesitate to contact me!

13 thoughts on “Contact

    • Hello Shaun. Thank you so much, I appreciate your words. My painting is like my logbook. This feelings tell me. It’s a pleasure to show my work and to have reactions and comments like yours. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Just want to say that you create some wonderful work, most incredible. I found your work through twitter! Keep up the great work it’s been a real pleasure viewing your art. Cheers Patrick


  2. Hello, we think your landscapes are impressive. Our site launch is in March. Would you be interested in featuring as part of our opening? We might be able to do a biography & feature for you.


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