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Bienvenue sur ce site consacré à mes peintures. Les oeuvres sont classées par techniques, par thèmes et par dates d’exécution. Cliquez sur les images pour avoir un aperçu des oeuvres en grand format, pour obtenir les boutons de partage d’une oeuvre ou d’un article cliquez sur son titre. Toutes les oeuvres présentes sur ce site sont protégées par la loi du 11 mars 1957 sur les Droits des Auteurs et par le Code de Propriété Intellectuelle du 1er Juillet 1992. Toute reproduction sous une forme quelconque, y compris numérique, est interdite sauf autorisation expresse de l’artiste.


Welcome on this website dedicated to my paintings. The works are classified by technique, themes and dates. Click on the images to preview works in large format, to get the sharing buttons of a work or an article click on its title. All works on this site are protected by the law of 11 March 1957 on the Rights of Authors and the Intellectual Property Code of 1 July 1992. Reproduction in any form, including digital, is prohibited without the express permission of the artist.

11 thoughts on “About / A-propos

  1. Hi! Kisses from Spain. You’ve followed me recently on Twitter, so, thank you so much!!! I’m studying History of Art, I didn’t know about your paintings and your work but now I can say it’s so beautiful… I’d like to say more things but my English isn’t very well…. I specially like your flower’s studies and “Forêt de bouleaux dans un crépuscule hivernal” them both have greats colours…
    Don’t give up never, please. Congrats 😉


  2. You are fantastic! I love your paintings, so beautiful! I write stories on my blog, and if you would allow it, I would like to use a painting of yours with my writing. Credit of the author will of course be given. Have a wonderful day! Nina 🙂


    • Hello Nina thank you so much! I’m glad that you appreciate 🙂 excuse me for the delay of my response. You can use one or more of my paintings for your blog, with pleasure. I can send you a photo or two by email if you wish. Have a wonderful day 😉

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      • No need to apologise, much understood! Yes, I love your paintings, they reflect my writing style very much. I’ll see how I go with your images on your website, as I have a little something in mind! Thank you so much! 🙂


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